Sunday, 27 January 2013

Got My Bike Out!!

Been a while, I'd almost forgotten how to do it.
I had a practise at this duathlon business. I did the 14k bike then came home and ran 4k. However, it was a slow transition as I couldn't walk in my bike shoes on the ice, so I had to wear boots to the end of the lane, and then change my shoes. The floods were mad. My feet were drenched through, so when I got back I took the time to put them on the boiler and put dry socks on, before heading out for the run.

The times I did weren't appalling, but they weren't good, either. I will definitely be right down the bottom, but depending on who else is there, I may not be dead last. The duathlon has another 4k run before the bike, so I'll try adding that in next.

So last night I put my new pedals on, and took the MTB cleats that someone had put on my road shoes off, and put the cleats on that came with the pedals.
Unlike last time, when I injured both myself and the bike trying to get the pedals off, I had greased these well when I put them on, so they came off easily. I also remembered to dip the new ones in first. No swearing, no fuss. And I changed an inner tube. It was all kind of fun and got distracted and burned some jacket potatoes, but nevermind. My bike is more important.

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