Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hello, Postman!

Today is a rest day, although I will be doing stuff with my swiss ball and weights.
My legs are well aware of the running they did yesterday, this snow lark is exhausting. And more is forecast for tomorrow. I will aim to run early in the morning before work. However, if it's super icy, I may just go on my cross trainer, and try and get out on Saturday.

The postman finally got through to my house, and my new pedals arrived. They were drastically reduced, and so with some bargain road bike shoes from ebay, I'm good to go. I'm off work this weekend so will bring the bike in the house and swap the pedals, and change the inner tube. And then pray the weather is better so I can get out there and use it next week.

I have to be really careful with money next month, the inland revenue will need sating, my car bills are huge, so bike and run purchases must be curtailed.

If anyone sees me looking at kit, at all, in any way, punch me in the face.

And finally, I have too much oestrogen. This is partly due to things like the pill, soya products, too much sugar, etc. However, oats are supposed to mop up excess hormones in the blood, just like they do cholesterol. For a few years my hair has been thinning, which wasn't a massive problem has I had enough hair for several people anyway, but I'd like it to stop now, and it seems to be slowing. I think it's two bowls of porridge a day. Hurrah!

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