Saturday, 12 January 2013


Oh lordy!

It appears as if I'll be doing the Edinburgh marathon in 19 weeks time.

A friend of Kevin's was giving his place away just for the transfer fee. That's too good an opportunity to miss out on. This changes things somewhat with regards to what I'm doing and when, but I'm excited. Within minutes I had an offer of a place to stay, so it seems I'm meant to do this. Plus, I'm going to see lots of people I know and it will be fun! (or agony, but I'm preferring to view it all as fun right now)

Today I did my 7 miles, incorporating more hills, and it wasn't as fast as I'd have liked, 10.45 min miles. However, I'm really starting to get into this Garmin Connect business. I love to look at all the numbers, and it really surprises me the best paces that I sometimes reach, it seems impossible. Today it said at one point I was doing 7.40 mins miles, I really don't remember that, it must have just been for a about two metres.
It was windy, raining, and at one point sleet was driving right into my face. There was a fair bit of flooding and I toughed it out and just ran through the ankle deep water. My feet were utterly drenched and I hurt my knee when I put my foot straight down on a big rock that was hiding in the water. However, it was nice to test out my new running socks, and I didn't get any huge blisters from running with sodden feet.

I also like looking at the little picture of my run that the Garmin draws. I need a big field so I can run about and draw something on purpose. Although as there can't be breaks in the line it will need to be rather like drawing with an Etch-a-Sketch.


  1. Good luck on your upcoming training, Lucy!

    :-) Marion

  2. If you like garmin connect then you need to try strava or mapmyrun / mapmyride.

    1. Just tried Strava, I like the bar chart with each mile!