Thursday, 17 January 2013

Leaden Legs

My legs were not happy when I got up. In fact, none of me felt too clever initially, I think I'm a bit dehydrated. It's so cold at the moment, I'm not really thirsty.

I had work this afternoon, so I wanted to get a decent run done in the morning.
It was like someone had pumped my arteries with concrete. My plan had been to bike, but what with the evil snow and ice and all, running was the best I could do.

I decided to just see where I could feasibly run as there was ice everywhere. I tried some on the road and also on a trail, although my feet kept slipping out from underneath me, like a cartoon character on an oil patch.

So 10k at an average of 10.25 miles, giving me a total time of 1:04:39, which is the fastest in a while. I need to lose those four minutes, and sharpish.

I have also entered Baker Hughes, which is just a horrible race, but I'm hoping this time to get in under the hour, and never, ever do it again. It's all beach and little roads, and boring.
And although I like plodders, it attracts a lot of people who just stop without looking behind them first. Jog Scotlanders with their pink clothing and mascara running down their cheeks. And last year, a woman with a belly dancing belt thing that had loads of bells on it, which was very, very annoying.

I cannot wait to see grass, mud, and tarmac again.

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