Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Proper Progress

I had a day off today as I'm working at the weekend, so decided it would be a very sporting one.

I walked the kid to school, it was -5 and the snow hard and crunchy.

I then came home, cleaned the house a bit and did some yoga.
Then a 5k run, which I measure the time of each month to monitor progress. However, I decided to do it on the road, which was a bit slippery, so I didn't hammer it too much, but hurrah! Average of 9.40 min miles, so exactly 30 mins (less 1 min 18 seconds on my time in December). If I'd have been keeping a closer eye I might have got in under the 30, but then I might have slipped, so probably for the best.

Then I had a smoothie with protein powder, and a banana flapjack, and went swimming, with a watch on.
It was harder than before, probably due to the running, but I managed the mile in 52.07.
I didn't feel like I was going very fast, I was quite tired for most of it and there was a group with learning disabilities so there was a fair bit of dodging, so I'm hopeful of an improvement in time next week.

When I came out my body was firmly and not particularly politely telling me it was lunch time. Now.

If the roads weren't so dodgy I'd have gone out on my bike this afternoon to make it a tri-tastic day, but nevermind, soon be spring.

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