Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Gah! I Can't Swim.

I did half a mile 40 seconds slower than last time.
I haven't been swimming for a week, and I'd been three times in the week I did it speedier, but this week, nope.
Slowy Slowerson.
It's still faster than the first time I timed myself, it would be 52 minutes for the mile, but I had hoped for at least a few seconds faster.

I did a mile in total, and didn't feel as tired as I usually do, so maybe my endurance is better. And so I felt like I have achieved something, I did an extra 50m after the mile, making it the furthest I've swum in years.

And I need to get a box for transition. My first thought was to get a pink one, but that would clash with my bike, so now I'm hoping to find a purple or a red one. And I might paint things on it. Happy faces and ladybirds, and such.

Pretty pink sky this morning. Can't wait for the lighter mornings, lots of early training ahead.

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