Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bastard Hills! Bastard Wind!

It is so windy out there today, I swear, my lip was cut by a leaf, blown into my face with mammoth force.

I had intended to do my long run at the weekend, but everything getting so booked up I went today, although there are gusts of up to 55mph. I also thought I'd include some nasty hills.
The nastiest of which I ran up, against the wind, and was at times, almost stationary.
It was the hardest I have worked myself cardiovascularly, ever, in my life. I was desperate to stop, but kept going. When I reached the top of the hill, every opening on my face that is capable of leaking fluid, was. Luckily I was wearing the arm warmers Anneke gave me for Christmas, and so wiped my eyes and nose all over them, and folded them down (nice).

I averaged 10.54 for 10 miles, which is 2 seconds slower than the weekend, but bearing in mind the wind and hills, I'll take that.
At about 8 miles, with the wind behind me, I felt quite good, like I could keep going much longer, but then turned into the wind again and was very glad when the 10 was up.

I have also been foam rollering. Taff sent me a DVD of the P90X rollering and recovery, and it is brutal. The man states not to roll yourself like dough, that you should find the sore spot and leave it there.
And I did.
And I screamed, shouted, and at one point, it sounded like there was a goat in the room.

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