Monday, 28 January 2013

Cold, Wet, Bum.

Today's plan was to just do a little bit more. To try running off the bike again, but as the road was icy and the wind was freezing (and howling) I decided to just do 10 miles, but without looking at the speed. It wasn't that much slower, and my legs felt better for it. After not being on the bike for a while I had a little ache on my inner knees yesterday, which always happens, and that's gone today.

Then I did 5k, and was quite pleased it was only 24 seconds slower than my best 5k time, meaning I averaged 9:47 min miles, which I was reasonably happy with. If I could do maintain that for the duathlon I'd be super chuffed.

It was a slowish transition again as after trying this yesterday, I had got a very wet bum. I was just wearing my running capris as I didnt think I'd be on the bike long enough to warrant any padding, and so when I went through icy puddles my butt was soaked in freezing water, and when I got in the shower after my run I noticed I looked like a baboon. So this time I put some bike shorts on to provide just a little protection against the wet.

Tomorrow is a swim day, I will do what I had planned last week before the swimming pool people selfishly ruined my plans. I will warm up, time myself for half a mile, then do drills/intervals for the other half.

Wednesday I will do roughly the same with my running. My legs would have had a rest, so I shall push them hard and do some intervals and hill repeats.

If the weather isn't horrific I might get a cycle commute to work in this week, and I also have a long run of 10 miles to get in.

Looking at my list of races, I am very excited by it all.
I need to see some real improvements this year, and to feel more comfortable (and less like an impostor) in race situations. I'm sure getting rid of the rest of this weight will help. And also finishing in the middle of races, and not just the huge ones where there's thousands of people so it's easy to not be last, but even the smaller ones with proper sporty people. And that's not going to happen unless I do lots of events (and gets lots of medals, which is really what it's all about, anyway.)

*Update* Just seen that Chevy has entered the Ythan Challange. Unlike last time when he massively beat me at the Moray half, I will be ready for him. Oh yeah. Motivation. Bags of it.

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