Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Nooo Shooooz Arrived

Black and poiple and silver and lovely! :)
Bless Wiggle, their sale, and their next day delivery.

They came while I was out on my bike. It was a very bright and icy morning. In some parts the track was completely hacked up by tractor tyres, and the ruts had then frozen, making them lethal, and I nearly came off on the first one, so walked over the next few. I did 15 miles off-road in 1 hour 22 mins, averaging 11mph. Pretty slow, but there was a fair amount of getting on and off, and going through gates. But at least it was quicker than a couple of days ago.

Tomorrow is looking to be a rather insane day where I have to do both my jobs, so will be working about 14 hours with a couple of hours travelling. Luckily it's also a rest day, otherwise I'd have to get up at the crack of dawn to fit something in. I'm hoping to finish early on Friday, so will take my new trainers out on the road for some hill reps.

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