Monday, 7 January 2013

Filofax Cosy And Good Swimming

As you know, I have a new filofax, but as it's a light coloured patterned canvas, I've been worrying about it getting dirty, so I knitted it a little cosy. As I was tucking it into it's new little home, it crossed my mind that this wasn't necessarily a normal way to feel about one's diary. However, it will stop it getting manky in my bag, and although I could have just put it in a Tesco bag, that's not exactly attractive.

Today was a day off, and from the crack of dawn has been full of errands to run, and I began to fear I wouldn't get my swim in. In the end I decided some was better than none, and so did half a mile in 28 minutes. That's actually quite good for me, especially as I haven't been swimming for a fortnight.

However, the best thing is how I felt. I wasn't swimming as fast as I can. I took it steady, and continuous, and although I often get a little headache (which I think is due to dehydration and possibly lack of oxygen), and I did this time, too,  I felt great. When I came out I was nowhere near tired. My goal for this year is to swim a mile in 40 mins, and as I can swim a mile in the same pace as half a mile, that would mean I have a 56 min mile, and so need to remove 16 minutes over the next 12 months, which seems very do-able.
This also makes me less worried about any open water swimming, as I always swim faster and better in a wetsuit. I generally cut ten minutes off a mile when I'm outside.

I think it's down to the fuel. I've noticed something that has happened during other spells of eating healthily, which is that I could go without deodorant. I'm just not smelly when I eat clean. Not that I take the risk, of course, but still, it's interesting. My body is running better.
And although I have had a few things that aren't so de-toxy, such as one brown bread roll and I am having protein powder everyday, I'm still not eating nearly as much sugar and wheat as I was. And I am eating a ton of oats and green stuff. I still had one hell of a nose-blowing session as I have the remnants of a cold, but all in all, it's going well, and I feel optimistic as to what I can do. When I weighed less but still ate crap, I reached a ceiling I couldn't get past. I honestly think this time, with wiser eating and more structured training, it will be different.


  1. Cute cosy! I wish Filofaxes came in their own dust bags. (:

    1. Thank you Doris :) There could be a gap in the market there, we need to protect them!