Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Grippy Things = Damn Hard Work

So I put the grippy things on my trainers and decided to do 3 miles before work, just running up and down the least-deeply snowed upon section of trail I could find. I was putting in a huge amount of effort and only getting 10.45 to 11.05 min miles. So after two miles, I whipped off the grippy things and threw them into the entrance of the track to my house and ran along the actual road. This is not usually a good idea, as people drive quite fast, there's lots of trucks and tractors, and it's a narrow road, but it was completely white with compacted snow, and so the little traffic there was, was at least moving slowly.

It was a little slippy so I took it carefully, and looked down to see I was doing 9.55 min miles.
This running on concrete, even if there is snow on it, is pretty fabulous.
When the snow goes I shall see what my 5k time would be on the hard stuff.

I'm going to go swimming again tomorrow. I didn't plan to, but it was so much fun last time I want to time it properly and see what I can do when I have an eye on the clock, and I'll run a few miles, too. I had planned to cycle, but it's too treacherous out there right now.
Two things in one day! Multi-sport ftw!


  1. Numbers aren't everything. Going slower can actually be better. The resistance of the snow is good training for you.

    1. Thanks :) And it makes me very grateful for the rest of the year when there is no snow!