Saturday, 26 January 2013


I did 9.3 miles (because it's equals 15k), and it was more ice skating than anything else.

The purpose of the run was to get some miles in, even if they were slow, and to practise the little things, which can turn into big things. I usually find after an hour my stomach can feel a little dodgy, so do not need that happening on a marathon. It seems that rice and bananas and me get on, as I had rice pasta for dinner last night, and a banana cut up on a couple of oatcakes before I went out, and was running for over an hour and half, with no discomfort. I shall be travelling to Edinburgh with a very select and exact bag of food for my dinner.

However, it was slow going. The road was very icy.
I started out scared and steady, at 10.30 min miles, and my quads ached from constantly pulling myself back when I slid. I averaged 10.44 by the time I finished. It wasn't freezing, the sun shone, and although I only had two thin tops on, I was boiling. I only took half a bottle of drink as it's less to carry, but as it was, I ran out of water and was gasping.
I think I'll need vest tops in the spring. I don't usually wear that kind of thing as my arms aren't as toned as I'd like. Although, maybe with all the swimming, they soon will be.

I hope if it continues to thaw a bit to get out on my road bike tomorrow, as well as a recovery run.
There is a duathlon looming that I DO NOT WANT TO DO!
I will not be ready in two weeks, and I can't afford it, and my car is in the garage, so I wheeled out these excuses (it's the Guinness burper that is pressuring me to do it) and he said he'd pay and drive (and I can 'pay for the next one'. Next one???)
There will be no plodders and people 'having a go'. I will know people there, and no offence to them, but I'd rather not have a familiar audience for my coming last humiliation. I originally agreed to do one in six weeks time, but it seems I shall have to man up and just get this done.

And my foam roller arrived. Hurts so much. And yet, afterwards, feels so good!

The spiky ball is for sitting/laying on to do trouble spots in glue ts and lower back Not comfy, but effective.


  1. The foam roller is definitely a love-hate relationship! I don't have a spiky ball though, maybe I should get one, but a really manly blue one, obviously !

    1. It came free with the roller, and they did give me a choice of a pink or blue one, but I'm a giant girl :D