Thursday, 3 January 2013


All I eat all day, are oats.
Porridge for breakfast, oatcakes with hummus for lunch. Flapjacks. Any time I'm hungry, I reach for oats. I should have zero cholesterol at this rate. I can cope without wheat if I have oats.

I worked at both my jobs today, so was out from 6.30am, dealing with the dead people then off to work with old ones. I got up quite easily, though, which was good.

But this evening has been scuppered by my parents (they are talented at distracting me) and I ended up being held hostage on the phone, whilst boiling my dinner dry and setting the smoke alarm off. I ruined three saucepans, and will making my morning porridge in the wok.
They were nice pans, too. Bugger.

I did my yoga today, and will get out and run 4 miles tomorrow morning at a pace of 10.30 min miles. The amount of rage I'm filled with right now, I should find it easy. I might even go faster.
On a nicer note, I have a new red and blue sports bra .
New things always motivate me.
My gamin is charged. Bring on the running.



  1. Strewth, porridge in the wok? I make mine in the basin. Just pour the requisite amount of water onto the oats, add half a sliced banana, and stick it in the microwave for four minutes while I make the toast, brew a cup of tea and feed the birds.

    1. I don't have a microwave, I'm not high-tech enough for that kind of thing ;)