Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Things I Have Learned In The Last 24 Hours.

1) That I am a Hobbit. I am absolutely starving when I get up. I'm not very hungry in the evening adn could happily skip dinner, but the minute I wake up I need food, then I go straight out and train. Then I get back about 8am and need a second breakfast, or if biking to work, I eat my second breakfast behind the wheel of my staff car. If it wasn't for my pesky job I'd start having my main meal at lunchtime, too.

2) Fixing my bike doesn't always go well. :(

3) I don't know the name of one of my local pubs. A man with a big tattoo on his neck asked me if I wanted to go to the Garrett for a drink. I think of an attic when someone says garrett, not pub, and have never been in any Mintlaw ones. I image them to have swinging saloon doors, and the patrons would fall silent if an outsider came in. When I didn't know what he was talking about he laughed at me.
I was slightly hypnotised by the HUGE tattoo, though, it was truly ugly, so didn't really care.

4) I am a big liar. I told neck-tattoo man I wasn't single. It was then awkward as he was working out the front (he had passed comment on my bike fixing attempts) and I had to hide for a bit.

5) Having a Garmin makes me run faster. Knowing my speed made me want to get it rounded down to even numbers. After a while I realised I was seriously out of breath, but didn't want to let it drop.
And what I thought was an 1.8 mile loop around some fields near the house is in fact, 1.9 miles, hurrah!

6) Trying to sustain a bike pace of 17mph, including uphills is very hard, and would equate to burning over 900 cals an hour. That would make the Ironman bike section 6.5 hours, and not far off 6000 cals. Yay and yikes. Although that is at my current weight, so will be less cometh the day.
But still, yikes.

7) Starfish thighs. Coming in from the cold and getting straight into a hot shower made my freezing and bright red thighs itch like mad. I have ordered thermal running tights. 


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