Sunday, 7 October 2012

Stupid O'Clock

I am now ready to start the 10 week base period outlined in the book I'm following. I'm kind of picking and choosing a bit as I'm not at the beginner bike level, so will be following the intermediate plan for that, not technically a beginner runner or swimmer but will be doing the beginner for that cos I'm a bit crap at them. The plan is to then do another, next-level base period, as for the rest of the program I do not want to be doing the beginner anything. Sod that. I don't want to 'just' finish this thing. I want to be so proud of my time that I scream it in the faces of everyone I meet.

I'm rubbish at following plans to the letter, and may make up large chunks of this during the first base period.

It seems to do this requires early-ness of a most hideous level. I took this picture from my doorstep, last week before my morning bike. It's either the village in the distance or an angry mob with torches and pitchforks. More likely it's the village. That doesn't mean they don't know how to weild a pitchfork, though.

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