Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bike Luurrrve.

Swimming was fandabbydozy today.

I don't think I was much quicker, as I was concentrating on getting the breathing and lack of drift right, but it seemed to really slot into place, and most of all, it's nice to know I can change things about my stroke, and it will improve further.
For the last few lengths I made the effort improve my cadence, and just get on and swim faster. And I overtook lots of people. Admittedly, slow old people, but it still counts. There are 80 year olds that do Ironmans.

There were quite a few splashy annoying teens in the pool, as it was an in-service day for the big kids. I only found this out after my kid sent me a text saying she was coming home from school as she was the only one who'd turned up. Oops. I should probably read letters from the school a little more carefully. Or at all.

Today is all about a shorter bike and a longer run. I need to get used to running off the bike. I get the feeling the bike is going to be my strongest element, simply because I enjoy it the most.
When I think about my bikes, imperfect though they are, they seem  friendly, pure things, a joy to have in my possession. I need to sort the gears on my MTB, and I want another chainring on my road bike, but that's fine. I enjoy de-greasing my chain and fiddling with things.
I clean my car when I can't see out the windows. It needs two new tyres, exhaust, plugs and leads, suspension links and track rod end. It doesn't like me. It is a bitter box of metal. On a day I don't drive it I'm still taxing and insuring it. Even if I decided to keep it off the road I'd have to notify the government. Everything about cars is controlled, expensive and stressful.
My bike is happy.


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