Sunday, 28 October 2012

Week 4

I think I need to eat more salt.
I've been good with the dried fruit and such before I cycle home, but have been reading about how much extra salt I need for this level of activity, and I've just not been eating it. Apparently at Ironmans they have Ritz crackers at the water stations, and I don't really add much when cooking, so when the weight has gone, I think I'll hit the salty peanuts. I like them. I usually avoid them like the plague as it's the quickest easiest way to down 500 cals in a couple of handfulls.

Where I think I've been messing up most is often I will do what's on the plan, but then in the evening, I'll go and do an extra hour on my cross trainer. I love the thing, and I've had a lot of new music come my way recently and it's great to just put my headphones and cross-train-away. And then I can't sleep as I do it too close to bedtime.

This is my plan for next week, please feel free to pass judgement. I'm currently sticking with using measurements of time to plan, like it says in the book, but will be keeping a close eye on the distance so I can see the improvement.

Monday - 1 hour swim

Tuesday - 30 min bike, 1 hour run.

Wednesday - 1 hour swim

Thursday - 30 min run

Friday -  3 hour bike

Saturday - rest

Sunday - 3 hour bike

The work commute is what really kills me, the up-hilly-ness of the journey home is horrible, I get a face full of mud and my MTB has no suspension, so a rest seems sensible between those days.
I'm off work on Saturday too, so will do something fun with my rest day.

And I got this book, that not only has lots of good advice, but makes me feel really enthusiastic about biking. She's evangelical in the way she talks about cycling, her love of it is infectious and intoxicating. I was reading it in the bath after cycling home from work and I wanted to go straight back out again.
It makes me want to sell my car and use the money, along with the constant MOT/Insurance/Crap that goes with it, to just buy awesome bikes and gear all the time.

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