Thursday, 25 October 2012

People Soup

Pool was awful.

So many people. And only a couple of miserable female lifeguards, and they weren't going to give me and the other two trying to do lengths our own lane.

My focus today was on trying not to glide for so long, which quickly seemed to become not gliding at all.
Then I was crossing my arm over on the pull.
Then my other arm hit an big float in the shape of a fish with two kids sat on it.
Then I was nearly drowning.
Then I moved away to a briefly quieter patch.
Then a boy in the region of 16 years old started talking to me about my tattoos (he was impressed)
Not the time, boyo.

I was also trying to do something Kevin had said about starting to breathe with the back arm, which seemed more natural than I thought it would, as it seemed to fit better with the rotation, but I had to constantly remind myself of it, which is hard when a kid has asked you to dive down and get their earring.

Lisa 'THE PRESTONATOR'  mentioned a triathlon that's held at night, in November.
I was thinking about this when surrounded by kids. Imagine being hemmed in by other swimmers, in open water, on a dark November night, being touched by odd things in the inky black water. Was that a person's arm that just brushed my leg? Or an eel? Or the Kracken?
I'm usually one to be girly. I've been in an armed robbery and even had a root canal work.
But yeah, no.

 Kracken would be a great name for a dog. 'Unleash the Kracken!!'

And one good thing! I saw someone at work I've not seen for a while 'You're fair disappearing, have you been ill?' she said.
I choose to take that as a compliment.


  1. Where is the night triathlon? Is it an open water swim?

  2. Yes, In a lake in Cumbria (complete with monsters).