Monday, 15 October 2012

Week 2

See here's the thing.
When it comes to following a plan, the bike bit is going to be tricky.
Week 1 was supposed to be 2 hours of bike on the intermediate program, but due to my work commute, I did 9.20 (lordy, 110 miles!)

Week 2 is supposed to be 2 hours 30 bike, but it will be about 8, and with regards to the heart rate, it's dictated by the hills and guess work. I think the most important thing for me to pay attention to in the program is the bike workouts that involve a quick transition, and making sure I get some quality road bike work outs in that aren't commuting, and doing my best to speed up the commute.

So, due to other commitments (ie, stuff I have it take to work that I can't carry on my bike) I'll only be cycling to work 2 days this week, and I can only get to the pool once. I've also been reminded my brother is here, and I'll see him a few times and drop him and the rugrats back at the airport on Saturday.
I can't let these things get in the way too much as life is always going to throw things at me and if I can't juggle them with training then I'm screwed.

Monday - 30 min run in zones 1 and 2

Tuesday - 1 hour swim, 30 min run in zone 2

Wednesday - 30 mile bike

Thursday -  Rest

Friday - 30 mile bike

Saturday - Proper brick 30 min bike followed by 15 min zone 2 run like it says in the book.

Sunday - 20 mile speedy road bike.

This might even be less than last week, but there's more running, and that's what I don't like, so it balances out, and bike wise I'm still ahead of the book.You may have noticed I'm very exact with my bike distances, but I'm rounding down. I do that with everything. The work commute is actually 30.2. I'd rather do more than I record just to be safe.

Until I get a heart rate monitor, this is how I will be measuring zones.

Zone 1 - Trotting like an elderly donkey.

Zone 2 - Running to get the washing in when it starts to rain.

Zone 3 - Slow 'Walking Dead' zombies are after me.

Zone 4 - Fast '28 Day Later' zombies are chasing me. Not necessarily on fire.

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