Sunday, 21 October 2012

You Ride A Bike, You Must Be Poor!

So yesterday I was almost derailed by other people asking me to do stuff, but planned round it like the bad-ass ninja I am.
I had to go somewhere and just used my bike instead of the car, it was just a 28 mile total there and back, in average weather. No biggie.

By everyone's reaction when I rocked up on my bike, anyone would have thought that I'd hitched a ride in a van with a Rohypnol salesman and his collection of sharp pointy things.

'But you'll have to cycle all the way back, too!' (Surprisingly, I knew that when I left.)
'I would have given you petrol money!' (Wtf!? I should have taken the cash and been offended later.)
'Wow, you've got a helmet and everything?!' (Indeed. And everything.)

It took ages to explain it wasn't about money and I didn't mind cycling back.
I wanted to. I needed to get the miles in. Again none of the hills beat me, although the cross chaining was terrible, I think I will have to get the ratchet fixed for the chain ring, if I ever want to use that bike for some kind of duathlon with MTBs involved I'll need all three rings.
I also didn't put my feet or tyres in anything dead, although I had to dodge both a dead pheasant and a hare.

I'm going to swim today.
I shall go the pool at lunchtime, in the hope that lots of people will be eating then, and if not, that Flirty McLifeguard will be there to blow his whistle at the damn kids.
Everything has changed with my plan this week, but I'm glad to be able to get another swim in. I was going to go Monday as well but my new phone is arriving that day so I need to station myself on the front doorstep with a face full of excited anticipation from the hours of 09:00 to 18:00, so I'll just run in the early dark first. And then be overjoyed to have phone that doesn't keep randomly turning itself off, and telling me I have no memory left when I HAVE BLOODY DELETED EVERYTHING AND TURNED IT OFF AND ON AGAIN!

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