Monday, 8 October 2012

Food! (or vomit, hard to tell)

Chrissie Wellington seems to live off dried fruit, seeds and bananas when training.

I've looked at a lot of Ironman diet plans, and factoring in the lack of animals in my diet I will be having protein shakes. I'm going to aim for 50g of protein a day, which isn't excessive really, and I don't want to make that up with lentils, that would be hard work and boring. And windy.
I will eat nuts. I like nuts (hurr hurr) but right now I still have fat to burn, so will be laying off them until I'm skinnier.
This last nights dinner. It's some butternut quash and lentil soup I made (at some point in history) and found in the freezer, which I jazzed up by using it as a base for a vegetable stew, and had it with wholemeal sage dumplings.
It tasted very nice, but like most photographed stews/stir fries/curries, looks like a plate of puke. Except mine looks like a plate of puke with testicles.

I have a tendon thing going on with my foot, it made itself known after the 15 min run, but nothing serious, and running for just 15 min felt easy..
If the people of Peterhead weren't so smelly and grubby the swim would have been more pleasant, but I'm happy with what I managed. I've only just got back to proper swimming and doing at least a mile, and I can feel my stroke improving as everything becoming less of an effort.
But the urge to shout at people who don't shower before getting in the pool is getting too large to control. Maybe I should just point at them like the monkey in Family Guy does instead.
When I had put my hat and goggles in my bag before going in the shower, I hadn't realised how close they were to my knickers, so they got all wet and I had to go home commando. Still, if a person is going to be an Ironman, something small like a lack of knickers shouldn't worry them.

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