Sunday, 14 October 2012

I Lost A Sock!

At work.
I'm very upset.
I get washed and changed after my commute, rinse my bike clothes through in one of the laundries and tumble them for the ride home. It was a nice proper wicking sport sock. I asked people. No one had seen it, no one seemed to care :(  I had to cycle home in bare feet, as wearing just one would have confused me.

However, yesterday's work commute was, dare I say, ok. It rained the whole time and I was soaked, but the winds were light and I'd rather be soggy than blown into the path of an oncoming vehicle.
There is a huge hill not five minutes from my house, and my little legs are still asleep at that point, but it was fine. The second hill is on a track, and there are so many potholes no speed can be got up, but it was again, no probs.

On the way home there is a horrible hill. It goes on FOREVER. I don't even enjoy going down it as I know I'll have to face it the other way and it sucks all the fun out.
With my lack of small gears I often get off about half way up and walk the rest of the way. Panting like a dog.
But not yesterday. Made it all the way up, although cross chaining to such an extent I'm sure many a proper cyclist would have lynched me at the awful grinding sound.

So yay. Go me.

And my appetite is definitely changing.
Before I would eat as soon as I got to work, but today I didn't feel hungry for a few hours, and before leaving I literally have to CHOKE DOWN a small bark of Green and Blacks dark chocolate. I have never had to force feed myself chocolate before, but glad I did, as I didn't 'bonk' at all on the way home, which is just as well as I'm not on the pill anymore (ba-da-bom-tish!)

I got some rather fine Thinsulate ear muffs in the local petrol station for £2.99. They are very slim and sit on the back of the neck and nicely under the straps of my helmet, and really cut out the wind noise. And are yet another thing to put on myself in the morning. What with gloves, overshoes, lights, waterproofs, etc, I feel like I'm dressing a sodding Christmas tree as opposed to getting ready for work.

My saddle soreness has progressed to not so much about being sore, but just tender from sitting on a saddle for many hours. I feel like someone has run up to me on the street and punched me in the fanny with a toaster. Nothing I can't handle, but I'd rather they didn't do it again.

                                                                 Brave Little Toaster.

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