Saturday, 20 October 2012

Soggy Roadkill

I got up at 5.15am yesterday.
I had to get some proper exercise in, and with limited time, running seemed the best bet. 
At 5.40 I was out the door and into weird sleety rain. I felt cold and a bit sick to start off with, but kept up a steady pace even up the hills, and felt rather Rocky-like by the time I got home after ten soggy kilometres.

It didn't get light the whole time I was out. Whilst running along a narrow overgrown section on the way into the woods I trod in something. I had my headtorch on, which is very good, but I can't be looking everywhere at once. It felt soft. But with hard bits. I kept running, and told myself it was horse poo.
A huge pile of lumpy horse poo.

I almost forgot about it when I was on the way back.
Seems I'd stomped on a dead rabbit.
It seemed OK apart from the fact it was dead. Like it had glanced off a car and crawled into the track and died there. At least I hope it was dead before I stamped on it.

I was a bit spooked after that, and although it almost made me late for work I gave my shoes a good clean when I got home. Which is pretty ridiculous when you consider I'm a qualified mortuary chick (official job title). I think it's the surprise element that does that. I wasn't expecting a dead animal on the path, dead humans don't usually jump out of nowhere (yet).
I should have been grateful it wasn't a bigger dead animal to stand in, like a badger. Or a deer..

Yesterday I was given one an awesome gift, it goes right into my top ten best ever present list.
A Dory from 'Finding Nemo' toy.
'Just keep swimming' is an ace piece of advice, for everyone in all circumstances.
Along with do yoga, and eat more veg.

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