Friday, 12 October 2012

Yoda And My Butt.

Yesterday's bike commute was horrible, grim and bleak.
Cold ears, achey legs. Brakes had been playing up before I left, but they were ok, but the gears messed me about. They go up fine, but not down. The opposite was true before I fiddled with it.
The wind was freezing on the way home, it was dark and nearly all uphill. The worst part was I was starving. When I initially started all this my appetite went through the roof, and before leaving to cycle the 15 miles home I'd have a little something, but I've adjusted and I'm not so hungry anymore, so after lunch at 1pm, didn't have anything all afternoon, and left about 5.30. The wind was against me, and after the an hour I felt hollow and weak. I got home at 7pm and ate two bananas before I had the strength to get into the shower.

According to BikeRadar I burned 2460 calories going to work and back.
I have to remind myself that hard training will make me hard.
Sorry, harder. I'm already a badass.

Today is a rest day, but I will be doing some yoga, Pilates and some ballet. I'm liking this video at the moment recommended by the other Lucy. She is my ballet Yoda. Although slightly taller and less green.

I was thinking I should take some horrific swimsuit pictures to really chart my progress. Then I realised this aint Weight Watchers and quite frankly I'm not that brave. So as my butt is my most hated body part, I was going to document that with a monthly (clothed) rear shot. And then tell myself that it's important to blog like no one is watching, or it gets boring.


  1. The force is strong in you young one... eat enough avocados and green you shall be too :)

  2. I have bought some recently but need to put them in a smoothie as I'm still not keen, I don't have your Jedi tastebuds yet :)

  3. Eat these you must... complete protein they have... love Yoda sentence formation :)

  4. You missed the opportunity to try out the most humourous bit of cyclist/triathlon jargon! The accepted term for that hollow, weak, empty feeling from not eating enough is "bonking".

    1. Dammit, you're right, the innuendo opportunities were endless. I could have been bonking all the way home!