Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Risk Of Growing A Penis.

Firstly, thank you to all the people who nagged me by message, FB post and text yesterday.
I was bombarded with orders to eat, sleep and rest, as well as a threat which politely can only be described as a dirty protest, and an interesting warning that if I continue this way I'll grow a penis. And she didn't mean it in a good way.

The most effective comment was this-

'If you train yourself into illness you'll be confirming your mum's theory that exercise is unhealthy.'

Hold. The. Phone.
That would be a hideous turn of events.

Gollum in a wig would never hear the end of it. She would be constantly reminded of how awful she looked.
My mum has never been backwards in coming forwards.

I should probably start doing some other things. All I seem to do is work and train.
Go out. Wear my nice poiple dresses. Other things that are not made of lycra with a padded arse.
Yesterday was an exercise free zone. Went to see Skyfall and ate out in town. I came home and was in bed by 11pm. It seems doing nothing makes me very tired.

And it's time to break out the waterproof winter cycling clothes. I can't let bad weather put me off. I hereby pledge to cycle all year round, although not necessarily cycle to work if it's really, really foul weather. I want to arrive able to do a day's work. I'll do extra cycling on days off if need be.

I really need a way to cycle indoors, as well. I can't afford a turbo, it's going to have to be an exercise bike thingy from somewhere like Gumtree. 

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