Saturday, 13 October 2012

Kona Day!!

I shall walk about wondering what's happening, while people around me generally have no idea there is such a thing as Ironman, or that there is a world championship going on today.
I want Rachel Joyce to win (want, but not the most likely), and for the men, Andreas Raelert or if not, Craig Alexander.
Andreas' brother Michael will also be competing, but he wears his shorts too low like some super-fit Axl Rose, which is just wrong. So he must not win.

 See?? How weird and uncomfortable does that look?? A couple of inches of butt must be on show at the back. Pull up your shorts, man!! And he rolls his top up. Wrong. If I was his sponsor I'd be annoyed that only half my logo was on show.

I have no idea how they cope with the heat in Hawaii. It must be like competing in an oven. Or in fact, a kiln. The pros get the chance to train in warm places, but to some age grouper who qualifies in a chilly country it must be hell, and they should get an extra big medal.

I'm seriously thinking of getting the gear trigger replaced on my mountain bike, I had one done as it was utterly seized, but the other was ok-ish. Now I cannot take it out of the big ring at all, and that is definitely making my uphill commute home even more nightmarish. But at the same time, being forced to deal with this lack of gears could make me a stronger cyclist.
I tell myself as I'm dying on an incline that IronLucy doesn't need small gears. But she bloody does.

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