Monday, 22 October 2012

Week 3

Flirty lifeguard wasn't at the pool yesterday morning, however, even though it was initially quite quiet, some kids came in and occupied the bottom part of my lane, and a baldy lifeguard told them to 'Go over there where it's empty, can't you see this quine is trying to swim lengths?!'
Indeed. You tell 'em.

I've been watching lots of swimming videos on Youtube,  and decided to concentrate on one element of my stroke each time, and today I needed to make sure my arm is right out in front of me when I breathe. Seems I roll nicely onto my right side, arm nicely cuts through the water, but on my left side my arm drops, my palm faces forward in a 'stop' (Hammertime) type way, and I have to give an extra kick to get going as I start to sink. I feel like one of those sad, one-legged pigeons. I can still move in a straight line, but I look as if I've been in an accident. Or had a stroke.

And now I've found according to another site I am an 'overglider'.
This makes total sense, I am all about the being slow. When I swim next to a normal person the difference in cadence is embarrassing.  I've spent so long trying to concentrate on what I'm doing I've slowed down to the point of barely swimming.
I was only in the pool for 40 mins until it was too heaving with annoying people. It was technically a rest day as well, and was kind of surreal to getting out the pool and to not be that tired. Also kind of nice to have the exercise buzz without the accompanying exhaustion and aches.

The other thing I noticed was, around 50% of the men who work in the leisure centre are a bit tubby (one if proper porky). About 90% of the women are properly obese, a couple, morbidly so. Three of these women are lifeguards. I suppose fat is buoyant, but it send a weird message.
'Come to the sports centre and be lardy!'
Generally people in gyms are fit looking. In the same way hairdressers often have nice hair.
One of the skinny lifeguards walks constantly, always circling the pool, but the rest just sit there.
No wonder they are bored looking and chubby.

Anyway, my plan for the week is this-

Monday - 10k run (not in the book, but I want to)

Tuesday - 30 mile bike

Wednesday - 1 hour swim, lots of drills, 30 min zone  run

Thursday - 30 min zone 2 bike, 30 min zone 1 and 2 run.

Friday - I might of my bike commutes might be scuppered, in which case I'll rest then, or I might swim.

Saturday -  30 mile bike

Sunday -  30 mile bike

The most important thing for me right now is I maintain about 10-12 hours of activity a week, and am always progressing.

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  1. I forgot to point out. Overgliding is not a bad thing for an ironman as it is quite lazy and allows you to make better use of the hundreds of people around you to draft. So you might not be so desperate to fix it. Also you should time your breathing from your back hand, not the lead one.