Sunday, 28 October 2012

Jiffy Bag Of Joy

I have a Garmin!
I shouted this from the rooftops yesterday, and now look forward to actually knowing how far and how fast I'm running, which is probably slower and less than I'd thought.
It was sent anonymously, but I sussed out it was the Taff man, and much standing outside waving my wrist at the sky followed.

All I did yesterday was eat, and some weights/resistance work. I'm about to get on my bike and go to work now and because of the clocks going back, it's going to get light on the way.
Back when I worked nights this was the worst night of the year. To re-live another hour in a Groundhog day kind of way was horrific, but now it means an extra hour in bed I'm all for it.

I have a very busy week ahead, very little time off, and I'm going to make this a well thought out plan that isn't mental at all. I think. I shall post it and everyone feel free to pass opinion on it.
I'm still not sure what qualifies as an easy or hard day, really. Is it a time or percentage thing? And I will plan meals, and supplements, and basically, everything.

And I'm also thinking of dialing it back a bit every fourth week, as I've been reading about that, and this is week 4 after all. I didn't like the idea of veering from the plan, but then this is the first of my two 10 week base periods, so the first should be easier than the second.

And I've been single for three and a half months, and saying 'no' wholesale, although in that time have only been asked for dates by scary or boring men or scarily boring, so not tempting.
One the other day -
'Do you want to come for a carvery?'
'Errmm, I don't eat meat.'
'Really? But you'll come for a carvery, right? You could eat roast potatoes. Carveries are the best.'

It was more than that that put me off, but it didn't help. And a couple more texts with the word 'carvery' in them followed. 

And so although this was going to be less personal blog, pah, that's no fun.
But there's no way I'll let ANYTHING interfere with my training.


  1. Garmins are great training tools - I know that I'd be a lot less certain about my training if I didn't have one. Which model do you have?

    (You may want to have a look at SportTracks for looking at the data from the Garmin - - there's a free version available that does a better job than the software that comes with a Garmin.)

    1. Thanks for the link, I'm just looking into that now :) It's a 305, and probably is a good idea for me to know exactly what I'm doing, rather than just guessing. I'm also amazed at how many calories it said I burned going to work and back, 1854!!

    2. If that's the journey that involves the long cycle, that sounds about right. Did the Garmin come with a heart-rate monitor strap? (I'm asking because I have a spare one...)

    3. It did yes, thank you :) It is my work commute, yes. No wonder it's taking so much out of me! if i did that 5 days a week I'd be skinny in no time!

  2. It produced the reaction I expected, so the gesture was worth it! Once you learn how to post links to your training like everyone else does there will be no stopping you! ;)

    1. I will post links to my training when I'm doing awesome distances. No way they world will not be notified when I cycle my first 100 mile ride. I'll break out the BLOCK CAPS!! :)