Thursday, 18 October 2012

Must run! (and bite sofa and swear)

Oh man, stuff is happening!
I've been off the pill for 10 days and hormones are beginning to kick in.
I've either been taking, being injected with, or having an implant of contraceptive hormones for years. My body thinks it's been pregnant for DECADES! (Including an interlude where it actually was pregnant).

I think it might be why my appetite has decreased, and why I keep having freaky naked dreams.
So much energy I'm fidgeting and being ridiculously cheeky. And swearing a lot. But not in an angry way, I just seem to enjoy saying mofo. And threatening to bite people. And typing in BLOCK CAPITALS.
And busting mad dance moves. And breaking into song.
My brain is like an episode of Spongebob crossed with Lord Of The Rings at the best of times, now it's like that but with an injection of radioactive caffeine, and a few dozen hyperactive squirrels shoved in through one ear.

I don't fear my hormones, there was never an issue with shouty/scary/stabby/plate throwing PMS stuff.
I might cry slightly quicker at a film I was already going to cry at, but that's all.
I'm hormonally generally quite stable, except for now of course.
And there's no way I have have a rest day tomorrow or I'll never sleep. I'll be buying pretty purple dresses on ebay ALL NIGHT (like this one I got earlier)

Anyway, yeah, running. I don't like it, but I'm remembering how I used to be better at it, and I will again.Where I've been pressed for time this week I've had to substitute and swap stuff about, and I've ended up doing more running than anything, and my foot hasn't hurt, and with the weather being colder it's easier for me, so will run on my rest day tomorrow.
I hope to be slightly more sane in a  few days. I am woman, hear me roar.

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