Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Flirty Lifeguards And Food.

I'm not hungry. That's freakin' front page news.
Yesterday morning I had two Weetabix, went for a half hour run and then for my swim and food shopping (everyone in Morrisons SMELLS!), and when I got home I really didn't want lunch. I had some cereal and a protein shake with a banana in it. It had better be possible to complete an Ironman on those three things, as it's all I want to eat right now.

I didn't start work until lunchtime so as I went mid-morning the pool was full of kids, but luckily Lifeguard McFlirty was on duty.
I have no idea why he's so flirty.
I wear a legsuit, and I do not fill it in the way the olympians do, in fact I look more like an Edwardian gentleman, but with a cap, goggles and a nosclip. I look hideous.
Anyway, he's good with is whistle. If kids get in my way he tells them off, but in the end he came up to me with an a rope, and asked me if I could swim it up to the end and hook it on. So I got my own lane. Although, I wasn't entirely sure how to swim and take the rope with me. It had a hook on it that I put round the shoulder strap of my suit. The thing was, the more wet rope I was pulling along the heavier it got, and it started to yank down the front. Luckily I make it to the other end before anything bad happened.

Anyway, I'm feeling a lot more swim-fit, except as I was swimming along I thought of something funny that happened, and laughed while my head was under water, and ended up taking a big breath of pool, and then had a mini panic, and it took a few strokes to recover.

My commute cycling has been scuppered for today as I have to do someone a favour and need the car, so I shall do a 20 mile road bike session this morning. However, it has been pointed out to me that the peak might come off my bike helmet, and so it does, so wa-hay! I can see where I'm going, which is handy.

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