Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bonking and Spitting

It was the worst commute home EVER! Not only did I not eat enough again, and bonked big time, but the darkness was the deepest it's ever been, and what with rain as well, I couldn't see where I was going. My head torch is good, but at one point I was whizzing down a hill and it occurred to me that you wouldn't do 30mph in a car in the pitch black with nothing but a small torch held out a window, and the light on the front of my bike gets me seen, but doesn't really light my way.

However, the road was nothing compared to the bumpy, surface-of-the-moon track. I had to go really slowly, my head torch showed me the bumps too late to be able to divert. Some were a total surprise. I had a strange sciatic pinching going on in my right hip/bum. Have never been so glad to get home.

And is there somewhere people go to learn how to spit?
I physically upsets me to spit in public. I hate seeing it and a pretty big bug has to have flown into my mouth for me to do it. On the track on the way into work a load of mud splashed in my mouth, and in my useless non-spitting way I managed to somehow spit onto to my own arm.
I bet you Chrissie Wellington spit swiftly and neatly. Hell, she even pees on the bike.
I need to find a rough teenager to teach me.
I've googled it and apparently nothing replaces practise, and I'm just not willing to put that kind of work in.

Today is all about swimming.
I have sooooo much work to do with the swimming.
I'm also developing a bit of an attitude about swimming.
There was a contractor at work and we got chatting (after he saw me miming my stroke and breathing at my desk while trying to work my timing out), and he said how he was a strong swimmer, that he had always been 'really good' at it. I said how my stroke needed work, and he said 'Never mind, it'll come' and a few other things in a very patronising way.
He asked me what I had just been doing, I said it was to do with breathing, and he said 'I can't get my head in the water, that's just wrong'.
Hmmmm. Always, been a good swimmer, have we??
Jog on, sir.

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