Friday, 19 October 2012

Fat Cats That Lay Eggs

People have well and truly scuppered my plans.
Being made to give lifts, collect heavy things, etc, has ruined ALL cycle commutes. I will have to make up for it this weekend. It will be an MONSTER training weekend.

I didn't think losing training time would annoy me as much as it has. I didn't realise how protective I was over it. Some of these distractions have been utterly pointless. I didn't cycle yesterday as I was supposed to be going out after work and that got cancelled. I was proper angry.
I suppose my family and non-Iron aware friends (polyester friends??) aren't bothered, they have no idea about all this. I mentioned to my brother causally that I had a road bike and wanted to do triathlons and there the conversation died, and the subject had to be changed. It is not their world at all, and they have no questions, so that's it. However, I have a few non-sporty friends who have come to races and held my stuff and cheered at me, so I'm lucky really.

Anyway, at work today I was pierced in the side by an arrow, shot from a crossbow.
That's what it felt like, anyway.
Took me a minute to work out what was going on.
I then realised I was laying an egg.
I'd forgotten what that feel like. I kept wanting to tell people all day, but they might have thought me weird. 'I'M OVULATING' is not something local authority officers are supposed to tell members of the public.
Still, that was quick for things to get moving after all those years of faux-pregnancy stasis.

And finally this is my motivation cat.
Look into the cat's eyes.

I will be back into the happier weight range by Christmas, based alone on the current a 1-2 pound per week loss. It's nice to be able to see light at the end of of this chubby tunnel.
And I won't be like the cat.

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