Thursday, 11 October 2012


I'm working a strange shift this afternoon, so will be cycling in about 11am, and then home tonight, day 4 of week 1, 30 miles. I'm going to wear my headtorch as well as the headlight on my bike tonight. I'm hoping this will make me look slightly Darlek-like

Anyway, internet banking is better than normal banking as you can name your accounts.

I used to just have 'current account' and 'savings account' on the screen.
Then I renamed savings 'Crap I Begrudge' as it's where I put tax and heating oil money.

Now I have a third Ironman fund (it's bloody hard to take pics of a screen), as next summer I will need to pay the entry fee for the year after. It'll probably be about £400.

And I need a wetsuit. And road pedals and shoes. And a tri suit. And travel/accommodation (insert a million and things here). A skint person should probably pick a cheaper hobby. Like doing heroin.

A bloke I know who will be doing the half and the full iron thing with us said the other day that it was interesting how the amount spent can really effect the performance. The athlete is of course the most important thing, but decent gear does matter. I once saw a bloke do a very quick half marathon wearing trainers with holes in them and a Metallica T-shirt, but no one is winning a triathlon on a shopper bike.

My lower legs are looking thinner. I've always had the calves a Romanian shot putter would be proud of, but there's definitely less leg than before. This is interesting as even when thin, I had bulky calves and I found it hard to find long boots that fitted.
But then I wasn't cycling 100ish miles a week back then.

It's only 2 days to Kona and the Ironman World Championships.
I shall  watch it here. I'll be at sodding work for some of it, but it does go on for a long time, so I'll be at home for the exciting bits.

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