Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Butt Photography.

I have been looking at before and after pics of chubby people on this blog, and it seems a lot of women take pics of their butts in little knickers, where as I was/still am threatening to take pics of mine in bigger knickers/stolen boxers. Stealing underwear to pose in on the internet would add some real sport to the situation. The last bloke I went out with had both Spongebob and Sonic undies, wish I'd had the forethought to nick them.

Although for someone who hates their arse, there's an awful lot of my rear on the internet already.
A little while ago I noticed if you put a pair of cycling tights on inside out, you look like a baboon. This a very hard thing to photograph as you have to bending over to get the full effect, but I managed it.

And then it was Pam's birthday, so I took a pic of my butt in fancy pants for the occasion.

And that pair of knickers feature in a Youtube video that involves two women called Lucy dancing in the woods with a cauldron of fire and REAL thunder happened during the filming. Either god was impressed or angry. Probably impressed. But that video is a secret. Anyone who knows what it's called must be silent.

I then realised that the video in question was filmed the day of the Baker Hughes last year, and that was my first proper race. And that made me think wow, I have not been running for long. Hiking and mild swimming were the only things I did before that, so to go from first proper 10k 18 months ago to planning an Ironman is pretty fast, but hey, it'll be fine. I've been watching lots of Ironman videos on Youtube and there's tons of people who are chubby and unfit, sign up for an Ironman a year in advance and do it. And I saw one finish it in 12 hours, and he was a right lardo the year before.