Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I Need A Codename/Alias.

So I've been off the pill for 48 hours and I've yet to turn into a super athlete.
And why is it every bloody nut on my bike is so ridiculously tight I end up throwing spanners across the room and crying?? All I want to do it grease my bearings, and more as an exercise than anything else. I have a set of cone spanners. I have 13mm, 14mm,15mm, and 16mm. What size is my bike? 17mm. So I hack away at it with an adjustable spanner and a normal 17mm wrench. And bruise my hand and nearly smack myself in the mouth with one of them.

Anyway, I know I should be running off the bike and not the other way around, but today it was just easier to run first. My hilly 20 mile bike circuit can take me 1.14 on a good day, 1.23 on a hideously windy day, but took 1.19.32  today, which I suppose could have been worse, was quite windy on the high ground.
I imagine that the multi-sport knock-on effect will get worse before it gets better.

I've taken to saluting other cyclists. I think it's an appropriate greeting.
No one saluted me back, but they all waved or said hello.
I wore the super padded winter bike tights lovely Lisa (the PRESTONATOR!) sent me, and they worked. I didn't feel at all like I'd slid down a volcano without knickers on, like I usually do. I could do with an Iron codename like her. Suggestions on a postcard, please.

I've registered an interest to do this as it's not open yet, dependant on how much it's going to cost.

Etape Caledonia

81 miles and 6, 393ft of climbing.
No panic though, it's not until May.


  1. Codename - Meteor (because everyone knows that meteors are made up of Nickel and Iron!) ;) x

    1. That is very clever! Top idea, I think I'll try and think of something to go before it. The something meteor. Monkey, majestic, manky, marvellous, merry.......

  2. Find someone with a caravan/campervan/local floor for the Etape. The hotels treble their prices that weekend and make you book 3-4 days rather than just one night. And driving there is difficult on the day as they close so many roads.

    1. Bingo :) I have a friend with a static caravan at Pitlochry I was planning on asking to use. I won't want to drive home the night after it either, my legs will probably seize up in the car.