Thursday, 1 November 2012

Keeping Records Like A Grown Up

I'm gonna get organised in a new-fangled fashion.
To take this seriously and properly monitor things, I have to keep accurate records. I've always shied away from doing that, as I don't really want to know how crap I am.

However, not any more.

I have been given a very comprehensive spreadsheet to log my activity, that has more columns and sections  than I ever would have thought of including, and I've started using Food Focus as it works out all my calories, deducts my exercise, and draws a nice little pie chart of how much protein and carbs I have had. This is not to just for weight loss purposes, but also making sure I eat a sensible amount of calories on days I'm not very hungry, and to keep an eye on my protein. And finally I made a little table for vitamins and supplements, as often I forget to take these things regularly.  They don't need to be taken daily, but I have a nasty habit of forgetting to take iron, and then getting anaemic.

So bingo, bango, hopping to it, gonna do this thang!

And swimming was good, although I was flanked on either side by fast blokes who bring water bottles, have fancy swim watches and swim literally twice as fast as me.
Come back slow old ladies who get in my way, all is forgiven.

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