Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Well I didn't cut 40 seconds off.
It was exhausting, cold and windy, and I was tired to start with. And what's worse, I had to stop as there was a gritty feeling in my shoe, and was MOUSE POO!. I stopped and shook it out, but there's nothing like running along with a mouse toilet on your foot. I have to stop keeping my shoes in the porch. The cat drops mice off in there and they hide in my shoes until she's bored and leaves them alone long enough for them to flee the premises.

I usually only run about twice a week, and this was my fourth run in 7 days, and 9 seconds faster was all I could manage. My next 10k will be on Saturday, and all I'll do between now and then is 60 mile bike. Maybe a bit on my cross-trainer on Thursday night.

And I did get a new dress, but it was only £3.19 on eBay so totally doesn't count. Just hope it arrives in time for Saturday.


  1. Lucy, first of all I would like to say how wonderfully well you are doing!!! Secondly, may I have an opinion? (Its a long time since I had one and know this is dangerous ground and you can tell me to feck off and no offence will be taken), but don't stress about a 10k time (for now) a) you are base building and beating down a 10k will put you in the trash miles bracket (page 64 of Don's book) b) you are training to be an endurance sportist! worry about time on your feet not how fast you can run. The number one thing that will make you quicker over a distance is upping the miles you can run and that will mean slowing the pace down. Spend the next 3-4 weeks slowly getting up to 15k'ish and then do another 10k time trial.. OK I will shut up now as I'm sounding like Suggsy. peace and bunny pictues, Neilster.

  2. Point taken Neilio, and I would never tell you to feck off, as you are on my Ironteam and may well have to carry me one day :) I think you were in Spain when I said I have a 10k on 2nd Jan that a man WHO DID ME WRONG is going to be at, so I'm trying to get my time down for all the wrong reasons. And you would never, ever sound like Suggsy (lol, don't mind if I do)