Friday, 9 November 2012

You're That Quinie!

Said the man in the van.

You see the road was closed. There were no signs when I had entered the road, but all of a sudden, there it was, and no diversion was signposted. It was a small country road, so I backed up a little, and went left at a crossroads. After about ten minutes I realised I was just going to someone's farm, so back to the crossroads, and went right instead. This seemed to be taking my very much out of my way and I thought I'd be late for work, so I went back to the roadworks, and scooted through the signs and up to the men sitting in their van drinking their tea. It was wet and windy, and one slowly opened his window. I asked him which way to go, and he said,
'You're that quinie!'
I did think he looked familiar.
'The one fae the council!' he went on (seems he has an elderly relative in my jurisdiction).
I confirmed that was indeed who I was, and he said 'Ach, just go through. There's some big holes so be careful.'
Anyway, he wasn't bloody kidding, at one point there was a trench all the way across the road. It was like a three foot deep chasm. I had my road bike with me, so was able to pick it up easily, and although it was only about two foot wide, jumping across with a bike and backpack (and an audience) was a bit scary.

At work I looked on Google for an alternative route home, but all added about 4 miles, and so I went the same way, but it was much scarier in the dark, with just my head torch to illuminate the trenches. Took quite a while to pick my way through. I was scared if I fell in a big hole my bike might get damaged.

It was quicker going to work on my road bike, there's a hill I always have to push my bike up on the way out of Rosehearty, it's like scaling a cliff. I was once looking out a window at work and saw a cow in a field next to the road slip over while trying to walk down it. However, on my road bike with all it's gears working, I managed it fine. Although it didn't feel as safe when lorries went by me and winde battered me, and my packpack threatened to unbalance me.

Today is all about running. And possibly this cassette business later on, so if it all goes bad I have the weekend to attempt to sort it/go out and get different tools/trip to casualty/etc,


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