Saturday, 10 November 2012

Runnin' Along, Lookin' At My Wrist.

PROPER Garmin action yesterday.
I decided to run 5 miles, and to try and average 11 min miles. I picked a route with no stupid hills, and watched the thing like a hawk, and it was much harder than I thought. I'd look and I was doing 10.15, then slow it down, and find I was 11.30. However, it worked out fine as I averaged 10.59, and did 5 miles in 54:54:00 exactly. On Sunday I shall do 10k at that pace, hopefully keeping it a bit more steady, and speed it up from there.

The bike cassette thing went surprisingly well.

Before (In my experience, a Lisa Simpson duvet cover is an ideal floor protector, and Youtube on standby is wise)

 During. Very hard to get off, hurt my finger.

After. Ta daaa! Not sure if it's on tight enough. I'll soon find out if it falls off.


However, when I was running it I noticed it's still slipping, and it seems the link where it joins is opening up, and not bending correctly. I think the chain could do with losing a link or two as well. The derailleur seems higher. I wish I'd counted the links on the old one! I've just read they are usually a couple of links longer than necessary, so at least I can ditch the bent one.

I weighed myself yesterday, too.
I initally thought I'd be happy to lose about a stone and half. I have lost just shy of a stone since starting Iron training, and there is no way I have just half a stone to go. More like another stone and half, that might be possibly enough. We'll see. Depends what size I'm wearing,
I can hear my mum now freaking about about this, as she always says I'm too thin or too fat.
However, I hereby pledge I will have shifted that stone and half by my birthday in February, and more than half of it by Christmas. 


  1. Well done on the weight loss :)

    On maintaining a constant pace - I find it easier when I _don't_ look at my Garmin, as it seems that I always overcompensate (in the same way as you found above). The 'average pace' field on the Garmin can be a bit unreliable at times (in that it will overstate or understate your actual pace - think that this is because the calculation is based on a relatively short time period).

    1. Cheers Martin, this whole constant pace business is far more complex than I first though, and is also influenced by what song comes on! :)