Monday, 5 November 2012

Week 5

Sooooooo cold yesterday morning.
It hurt to breathe. Thick ice on the small, untreated roads. At one point when I was climbing, my back wheel kept spinning out, my brakes levers froze and my bike was still doing it's wacky gear change thing at the time, but in spite of all that I did feel I was enjoying it. My legs were achey from running the day before, and thought I'd find it hard going, but it was a beautiful morning and even the ride home with all the uphills was ok.

I really need to get my 10k speed up. I'm going to use a flat route and monitor my pace and keep it nice and steady, and see how that alters things. It seems I effectively need to learn to run, as well as swim and cycle.

The plan for week 5 -

Monday - Gentle swim, thinking about form, doing some drills, averting eyes from the elderly Monday man and his trunks that don't house him adequately. + 30 min run

Tuesday - 30 mile bike

Wednesday - Rest (BOOO!)

Thursday - 30 mile bike

Friday - 1 hour run

Saturday - 20 mile road bike 'fun' circuit.

Sunday - 1 hour run

So that's one proper rest day, and one easy day.

I'm also drinking my protein, taking my ZMA, and trying to be in bed for 10.30. Even if I don't sleep and just lay there reading, I'm in the right place.


  1. I wonder if the dancer's practice of 'draining the legs,' after a strenuous day would help with aches? It's supposed to drain lactic from the muscles. Lie with legs up against a wall for ten minutes in the evening. Maybe you already do, of course :)

    1. I should try and get them higher, at the moment if they really ache I sleep with my legs on a folded duvet. It's rather like a home-made poor-man's Craftmatic adjustable bed, but it's not actually adjustable :)

  2. Totally impressed!! that's a lot of training, just keep building it up slowly. I took Mr Finks book to Spain with me and he was on about making a list of "Energy Givers" and "Energy Takers"... The Takers list is pretty much full, but IronLucy gets on the Givers list.. doing good!!

  3. Thanks Neilio :) Whoo! I give energy, I am a girl-banana!