Thursday, 8 November 2012


Well it's here (speedy delivery!), and it's pretty. I will keep it sooooo clean (for about a week)

I shall attempt it at the weekend, in daylight hours. I'll put my glasses on and everything. It looks simple enough on the Youtube vids, although these things often do, but then there'll be something jammed on and I'll end up hitting myself on the head with a spanner and bleeding on the carpet. If you never hear from me again, that is why.

Following a conversation at the weekend, I've been thinking about things I'm scared of.

1. Join a running/tri club.
This is very unlikely to ever happen. I remember trying to conquer this last year but was rejected for not having 7.30 min miles, and was too relieved to be offended.
Whereas joining a boxing club, where men change in full view and everything is sweaty and smelly was a easy. I went on my own and everything, it was fine.

2. Mechanics.
All garages and tyre and exhaust places. Even taking it to my own local garage is a nightmare, and when I ring them up they know my name without me telling them, they are so used to me.
I think it's due to all the awful costs involved over the years. I once had a garage quote me £750 for a steering part (fitted). I had no other choice but to go to a breakers yard and get one. Granted, it saved me £680 (fitted) but that was a very bleak day. The man assumed I was with some blokes who were in before me trying to buy used brake linings, which he wouldn't sell them, and they swore at him, and left, and then he swore at me and told me to get out too. I meekly explained who I was. I hate breakers yards the most.

3. Telephones
Especially at home. Work related phone conversations are ok, because I get paid for them.
I never answer my home phone. In fact, the more it rings, and the more urgent it appears, the less likely I am to answer it.

4. Filling in my tax return.
This is something that could easily fall in the category of just things I dislike, such as the dentist, but it's goes a little beyond that as it causes months of fear and paranoia, and I feel guilty even if I haven't done anything wrong.

5. Pennywise the clown, played by Tim Curry in 'It'.

Given the choice between a morning buying tyres and an afternoon filling in my tax return or doing an Ironman, I'd rather do an Ironman.


  1. Changing a cassette is reasonably straightforward, with the right tools - was a bit apprehensive about it myself when I needed to change one on my bike a couple of months back, but it is pretty straightforward.

    1. Thanks :)It'll be fine if it's not jammed on and I don't break anything trying to get it off. Fingers crossed!