Thursday, 22 November 2012


Yesterday was a whole big bundle of stress, so the most I did was weights at home, as I was imprisoned there due to circumstances beyond my control.

I did some more of my girly-almost-off-the-floor-by-an-inch chin ups, planking, wall sits, and lots of abs. I also gave my home-made punchbag what for. I have not been awake long, and fear I may have disabled myself, as my arms feel like they've been through a mangle. I tried to stretch them out and ended up with cramp in my neck. And it will probably be worse tomorrow.

So, today will be a triple hitter.
I will run, and see how fast I can go, and how fast I can cycle on the flat at full pelt, and some nice swimming drills. I'm not going to time my swim, as it's always depressing, and I'll be pretty knackered by then as I'm going at lunch time, when the level of annoying people at the pool is at a minimum.

And of course when my Turbo Fire arrives I will not just have sore arms, EVERYTHING will hurt.


  1. Hope that you had a good day of exercise :-)

    Look at the muscle pain from this morning as a good incentive to keep going with your weights and exercises - if you get into the habit of doing this stuff regularly, you won't get the muscle soreness over the next couple of days...

    1. Indeed, I'm starting to log my weights sessions and the progress so it doesn't get forgotten. :)