Thursday, 1 November 2012

Learing To Ride A Bike

So it seems I need to learn to ride a bike (again).

The fabulous book I'm reading has opened my eyes to all the things I should be doing, such as how I position my body on the bike.

The actual physics of riding is not something I had ever considered, when the stand up to allow the rear wheel to clear an obstacle with minimum weight, and when to sit down to add traction. Right now I stand up over bumps for the sake of my butt, nothing else.
It had never occurred to me that there would be a technique to emergency stops, that I should be lowering and forcing my body back, and that a sudden right hand swerve required a slight flick to the left first.
It's not going to come naturally, but there's a nice section that details all these things for me to have a practise at.

Yesterday was a reasonably bad day at work that started too early and finished too late, because other people are a bit rubbish. I did some press ups, planking and wall sits in my office, and some yoga when I got home. Today will be worse as there are more people to disagree with, and my bike is poorly so can't cycle, but have just been for an early, headtorch-lit run, again, obeying the numbers on my Garmin. And dutifully logging all my food and activity. And yesterday I paid some bills and bought my nephew a birthday present. And cooked a proper dinner.

It won't last. As this is why I'll never be an adult. 

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