Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tapering Boredom

In accordance with tapering, I did nothing today, after my 8 yesterday. The thing was I did fancy a run this morning, but will just do some rollering before bed.
I will run 3 miles before work tomorrow, and do some turbo-ing on Friday, and maybe just a little mile of so on Saturday, but not sure where I'll get the time. I have to work till one, and I want to get down to Edinburgh   before a reasonable hour.

I having major bottom half dilemmas.
I had bought some funky black and green cropped running tights especially for the day. They were a bit small when I got them, but now they fit, and are reasonably comfortable apart from a slight camel-toe situation, but have been fine on long runs.
My old and cheap tights are a bit crappy, but more comfortable. But not half a funky.
I'm tempted to wear the old ones.
And not look half as good. That was possibly the most boring paragraph I've ever written.


  1. I Feel for you! tapering really does SUCK!!!! The recovery is also a pain, but you iz sportist so try get a recovery run/bike/swim/walk in the day after. I'm actually jealous and want to do another marathon now!! Go with the camel-toe pants and do us shibbies proud!

  2. I now can't get the 'camel toe' image out of my head...

  3. Golden rule - don't try something new on the big day - wear the oldies! Use the new ones in further training till they in turn become oldies!

  4. Neil - no! David - Sorry! ;) Taff - Yes sir!

  5. Seen it happen loads of times, folk where new gear and it goes wrong and they blame the gear - stick with what you know works, it's reliable and is one thing less to worry about! And SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!