Monday, 27 May 2013


Hello folks.

I am super-unhappy with my marathon time. It was hot. My sciatica hurt from the beginning, and ended up kind of hobbling. Even had a little lay down on the grass at one point to do some stretching to try and shift it. Didn't work. Left leg still has pins and needles. Kinda weird.

I had wanted under 5 hours for my first marathon, I got 5:52.
So, onward and upwards., NO MORE EXCUSES.
Can't dwell on a defeat, I have just this minute entered Moray marathon in September. I will take some time off. And I will keep entering marathons until I'm happy with my time.
Not that I enjoy them. It was most unpleasant. Nothing like running for an hour and feeling hideous, and knowing you still have so many more to go. I saw so many people in awful, awful pain. Faces torn apart in agony, grunting and groaning noises coming from all around.

However, the medal is HUGE and awesome. And the support from my friends in person and in message form was wonderful.

I'm going to have a little go on the turbo today and hot bath.
It was weird driving home, I felt ok, was kind of full of caffeine as I bought two giant cokes at a Burger King as they were easy to drink as I was going along, but getting out of the car was a slow and elderly affair.

Other pics stolen from Taff - including a man running in a full suit of armour.


  1. Lucy, first and foremost, you are now a marathon runner! Very few people have the required grit, determination and heart to complete one, so you deserve so much credit.

    Secondly, you completed a marathon despite the heat, and despite the sciatica, two difficult conditions to deal with on a plod around the block, nevermind a marathon.

    Thirdly (and lastly) use this disappointment (though I don't think you should be disappointed) to drive you on when the training sessions are hurting, or you don't want to train, or when just one more hill feels like a hill too far...

    Shibbies FTW!

    1. Thank you David, it's driven me on already, I'm not going through another trudge like that, next time I'll be speedier! :D

  2. Iron Lucy, you had hurty moments, smiley moments, and iron moments, and these add up to make the experience what it is. Times will come down, the thing with the marathon is understanding it, from start to finish, and knowing how to react to all it can throw at you. The trick is to keep moving forward, keep smiling at it, and to casually tell it, "...marathon, one day I will smash you off the back of a 3.5km swim and a 110m bike ride, for I am Iron Lucy, the Mintlaw Outlaw!"

    1. Thanks Taff! It was so good of you to come, having my peeps there really made the day! :D