Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Major Rollering

I have some twinges.

I've had some twinges for a few days now, very mild sciatica.
I did 8 slow miles this morning, and it didn't really trouble me while I was running, but afterwards when I was  sitting down I felt a bit odd. The good thing was though, the 10k at the weekend was most unpleasant, it felt like hard work and was miserable. Trotting out 11 min miles today with lots of hills felt quite nice, really.

So, as I was off today I spent most of the afternoon stretching and rollering. And consuming vitamin C, as my daughter has a cold that I really don't want.

Tomorrow I have to go on the course. It's so utterly thrilling I can't actually remember what it's about. Something to do with people? Vulnerability? Confidentiality? Dunno.

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