Friday, 10 May 2013

Seems I'm A Masochist

The cheapo turbo thing arrived. It's connections are a bit plastic-y, so may not last long. To start off with I could smell burning rubber, and feared for my tyre, but it felt cool. However, the little resistance unit was pretty hot, so I think the smell was coming from there.

The whole thing is very interesting.

* I go faster, probably because it's easier, but then the constant non-stop action and higher cadence is a killer in a different way. After an hour and ten mins of speedy pedalling to fast music I was very wobbly. The constant action also makes it miserable saddle-wise.

* My feet still went numb. And I sure as hell wasn't cold. I've now read it could be a nerve in my feet being compressed, and so I need to move the cleats slightly more forward on my shoes.

* Hot doesn't cover it. People have said before how a fan is needed, but I've decided not to.
It was kind of hellish. I don't do heat. It was like being in a sauna. I'm sure it contributed to my higher heart rate. And I kind of liked the suffering. It was awesome, tough, hideous suffering. And I loved being able to listen to music.

I have eaten very well today.
Spinach smoothie, strawberry, banana and protein smoothie, porridge made with almond milk, and tonight will be wheat-free pasta and veg and a huge chunk of watermelon. I am eating ALL the fruit and veg!


  1. Ok that looks immense! Where did you get your turbo from?!

    1. Ebay! It arrived very quickly, too. It may not be the quietest one, but I think part of that is my bike, and also, I had headphones on so don't care :)

  2. If you adjust it much tighter against your back wheel, and/or let some air out, that will make it a bit harder and more representative. Rather than just spinning your legs against minimal resistance. But it will still always be like riding a smooth, flat road at worst.

    You will also want a turbo thong (google, it is not as kinky as it seems) at some point if you are going to use it a lot but I suspect you will have the skills to make your own rather than purchase.

    None of them are quiet, just crank up the tunes. I am told high bpm dance music and CBeebies is the way to go.

    1. Well that was a disappointing google, I did something similar with a towel, and will up the resistance now I know it's the turbo and not the tyre that's getting hot.

      I listened to MeTAl!! Pounding drums and screaming along. :)

  3. If you can see the tele I will send you some turbo dvds to cycle along to - there's no sound so use your music, mostly its either a cycle route from the riders view or its the back of some cyclists - just ordering more dvds