Monday, 6 May 2013

I Want A Turbo!

My legs feel a bit stiff today, but nothing major. I'm going to do lots of core work, and an hour on the cross trainer, just to get things going again. I'll run again tomorrow before work. Today would have been my swimming day, but it's sunny and the place would be heaving with kids, so I'm gonna do a good 2k in the pool on Wednesday.

I really want a turbo trainer.
There's a few on eBay I'm watching.
I would love to not always have to think about weather. Especially the wind. I'm sure they are interminably boring, but it would give me a chance to get used to the aero position, and I'd still be doing lots of outdoor biking. I would still get blown about and face hideous hills, but at least I could get miles in on a regular basis, no matter what.

And this pose here, lizard, is my current fave pose.

And this is my current fave core hold.

If it's effectiveness can be measured by noise I make while doing it, it's very effective.

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