Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Dammit, my foot really hurts.
It's maybe 5% less painful than yesterday. I will have to train for the Ythan Challenge by not actually running.
It doesn't hurt at all to cycle, the stiffness of the bike shoe sole completely splints the foot, so I will do lots of that.

I've also been looking at exercises and stretches for sciatica, and in general, I am all about the getting fixed and properly strong.

I also think a pattern is at play here. My first half marathon was an utter nightmare. Woefully under prepared, and ended up injured. 5 months later I was a stone lighter, and better trained, and knocked half an hour off, and didn't get hurt.

I think that's what will happen this time. I now respect the distance, and the next one I do will be great. And I hope to do at least two more next year, and end up at the four hour mark.

This has also made me think I will not do the full-iron next year. I can't afford to do more than one, so when I do go for the full distance, I need it to be good, not an experiment. So I will do half distances both this and next year, this year as an experiment, next year to get better, then move up to full the following year.


  1. I bet anything you like you will be the first shibby Ironman! Just do biking until the next race and less of the stress!.. You will be fine!

    1. Thanks Neilio, I bet Lisa is the first! Nothing stops her! :D

  2. Good plan on the full, master the disciplines so that on the day you swim like a fish, cycle like a cav, and run knowing it's in the bag!