Sunday, 19 May 2013

How Much Do I Hate Baker Hughes?

Let me count the ways.

*It's always busy and hard to park and big queues for portaloos

*The route is a total snoozefest.

*It's always warmer than I want it to be.

*Most of all, I didn't get the time I wanted.

*Stupid people stopping all over the place. So much weaving in and out. My chip time will be quite long, I stopped by watch at 6.22 miles and had a little way to go.

*Couldn't find my buddy John. So many people. Although, did manage to bump into someone I didn't want to see (Chevy) how unfair is that!?

What really annoys me is I've always said if I get under the hour, I won't do it again. This was gonna be the year, but I was 15 seconds out, so I'll have to do ti again next year.
It was weird and muggy and humid, and I saw two people in bad shape being seen to by paramedics, one was sitting and trying to talk, the other was out cold. Not good.

So, I have a new challenge to get something positive out of this crapness.

This time next year, my 10k pace of today (9:41) will be my marathon pace.
And I'm reminding myself that the first year I did Baker Hughes I was a stone lighter than I am now, and was only 14 seconds faster. Soon the rest of this weight will be gone, and I'll be a helluva lot faster than 14 seconds.

At least the medal was sufficiently different from last year. It has corners.


  1. Hi Lucy! Yep, if you're only 14 seconds faster when you were a stone lighter, you're in better fitness now. I recently lost about a stone and omg did that totally change my exercises.

    Love the medal. You earned it.

    :-) Marion

  2. Love the medal!! Keep on going as you are! It will happen! Only thing though.. once you get under an hour you will want to get under 55 minutes.. this shit never stops!

  3. Thanks you two :)

    And I'm already there, Neil. I think I'd be happy with a 45 min 10k, that's my goal ;)